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Sending personal items by airplane is a highly preferred form of shipment to overseas countries, especially Southwest Pacific Countries, Africa and Middle east Countries, due to the high excess baggage charges imposed by the carriers. We offer you a fast and convenient service from your door to the airport for your personal belongings which you cannot carry with you due to its high cost, size or weight.

  • The freight price is based on actual weight or chargeable weight (whichever is higher).
  • For volume weight calculation, we need three dimensions of boxes in centimeters.
  • Formula:
    Box number x W x L x H / 6000 = Chargable Weight 
Pre-booking :
Pre-booking :
  • Address details of shipper & consignee
  • Passport of shipper
  • E-Ticket of shipper
  • Packing list showing the contents of each box or luggage
  • Three dimensions of each box or luggage in centimeter
  • Weight of all shipments
  • 24 hours emergency number
Customs clearence:
Customs clearence:
  • For customs clearance, one day on weekdays must be selected and the transactions must be completed one day before shipment
  • During customs clearance, the shipper must come to the Airport with original passport and e-ticket.
  • Customs clearence takes about 2-3 hours


Optimized Process
Optimized Process

Baggage that is sent as cargo only consists of personal clothing and personal passenger goods. Valuable Goods, Money, Jewelery, Watches, Furs, Machines, Spare Parts, Perfumery Products, Battery operated products, Weapons and Dangerous Goods, foodstuffs and all kinds of liquid substances are not covered as Personnel Effects Cargo.

We can supply special cars or trucks to get your belongings at your doorstep.

Antiques, carpets and oil paintings can need special certificate from the relevant museums.

  • Keep away from fake branded products!