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Volcargo is a leading company regarding pet transportation world-wide. It is referred by majority of the carrier to their customers due to their professional and reliable services.

According to some country rules and regulations, Pet (s) must be traveled as manifested cargo. Additionally, Pet (s) will need to be sent as manifested cargo if animal owners don't travel with their Pet (s).



Optimized Process
  1. Vaccination Booklet (Pet Passport) & Blood Test Report
  2. Export Permit (Health Certificate) from the Agriculture Department
  3. Import Permit - if necessary, at destination
Suitable Cage
Suitable Cage
  1. Each kennel must be suitable for the species being transported.
  2. Kennel must in general allow the animal to stand, turn and lie-down in a natural manner.
  3. Ventilation holes must be small enough to prevent the protrusion of any part of the animal.
  4. Adequately ventilated on 3 sides.
  5. The kennel must be leak-proof.
  6. The kennel must be clean.
Optimized Process
Cargo Rezervation
Cargo Rezervation
  1. Address details of Shipper and Consignee
  2. Pet cargo reservation
  3. Cargo booking confirmation
  4. Provides all documents to relevant airlines
Customs Clearance
Customs Clearance

For local customs formalities:

  1. Animal owners have to come to Airport with their Pet (s) for customs procedures
  2. Needs to Passport of shipper (animal owner)

Volcargo, with well-experienced staff about Pet Transportation is the first cargo agent having ''Live Animals Regulations Certificate (IATA-LAR)'' in Turkey.

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Country Rules & Regulations

All countries have their own rules and regulations on Pet Transportations and Pet entries.

Note: Also, Pet Transpotation is subject to carries's own company rules and regulations

>>>Clink on the picture for country rules

Pet Size Calculation & Kennels

The Kennel selection is the most important part of Pet shipments. In order to ensure the healthy and comfortable transfer of the animal and the correct pricing, the Pets to be sent - especially the dogs - need to be measured according to the template we publish on our website.

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